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What is the Om Advantage?

The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) defines yoga therapy as “the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga.


Evidence-informed practices are the foundation of the yoga programs and plans of care Om Advantage designs for organizations and clients to support their unique journey toward wellness and empowerment.


Om Advantage empowers an individual through the collaborative process of healing utilizing the yogic elements of breath, mindfulness, and movement; evidence-based research; and, a good, old-fashioned sense a humor.

Om Advantage: Services


Om Advantage works collaboratively with:


Om Advantage uses evidence-based practices to design programs, trainings, and plans of care to relieve suffering and/or illness symptoms; improve functioning across physical, energetic and mental-emotional layers; and, empower individuals through the process of education, healing, and evolving. Each approach is unique, including techniques focusing on breath, movement, and meditation to assist in meeting desired goals.

Om Advantage: Process

Our work together begins with an initial consultation to build an understanding of your situation, environment, and desired goals. Your interest and input are integral to creating realistic and sustainable goals.

For individual clients and private group classes, additional sessions will allow a deeper exploration of your needs to continue refining your plan of care in the effort to meet your goals.  I am perceptive to nuances signaling when to adjust the presentation of material to match a preferred method of assimilating information; therefore, we can explore how information can best be shared to support your practice. Handouts, audio recordings, and reading recommendations are popular avenues of information sharing. In the beginning, clients usually choose to meet at least six times, and then schedule follow up sessions as needed. Yoga therapy is a collaborative process and most effective when there is a commitment to full partnership.  My role is to teach you the tools to empower you to meet your goals with a consistent and dedicated practice.

For wellness programs, trainings, workshops and conferences, our work together also begins with an initial consultation to understand your organization’s structure, needs and goals. This time will also provide an opportunity to explore what yoga therapy entails and how a program may be designed specifically for your needs.


Once this knowledge transfer occurs, Om Advantage will design a program uniquely catered to your organization’s short and long-term goals. Experience has shown that commitment and consistency of all parties involved in this plan proffer the best results. 


Om Advantage: Your Participation

This is a collaborative process. Your input is integral to creating a specialized, realistic, and sustainable practice or program that respects your time allowance, interests, and which progresses toward your goals.


Consistency and commitment are key.

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